Wes-Tech Irrigation


In a recent conversation with Bruce Carter, the proud owner of Wes Tech Irrigation, we delved into the journey of his acquisition in 2016 through Chinook. During our discussion, we had the pleasure of exploring the company's impressive growth, punctuated by the unveiling of their second location, established just last year.

Bruce's entrepreneurial journey was seeded in over 12 years of experience as the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, a role that bestowed upon him invaluable knowledge of business ownership. As he neared the end of his tenure, Bruce made a decision—to transition from a leadership role to being a business owner. His extensive background in business led him to recognize that entrepreneurship was a venture "not for the faint of heart," but a profound and multifaceted adventure he embraced.

In Bruce's words, successful business ownership requires "a good tolerance of the unknown" and an ability to navigate the thrill of excitement juxtaposed with the terror of potential failure. This resilience and foresight guided Bruce in his quest to find the perfect business—one with a strong reputation, a team in place, and ample room for growth.

The stars aligned when Bruce, after sifting through countless opportunities, discovered Wes Tech Irrigation listed by Keith MacKenzie at Chinook. Having been a loyal customer of the company, Bruce saw the potential for a harmonious match, given his familiarity with the irrigation industry.

Over the past six years, Bruce's stewardship has brought Wes-Tech Irrigation into a phase of unprecedented growth. The company's inventory has quadrupled, necessitating a move from their 5,000 sq. ft. Victoria shop to a sprawling 44,000 sq. ft. warehouse/yard in Langford. This expansion not only accommodates the added inventory, but also offers ample customer parking—a sought-after luxury in greater Victoria. Bruce's strategic vision extended to revamping the website, securing the domain irrigation.ca, and establishing an extensive e-commerce platform known as "warehouse 3," facilitating product sales across the country.

Navigating the intricacies of the deal, especially concerning supplier contracts critical to the business's core, posed a unique challenge. Recognizing the significance of seamless transition, Keith ensured that all contracts were firmly in place before Wes-Tech's public sale. This meticulous approach not only safeguarded the interests of both buyer and seller but also offered Bruce a sense of security, having witnessed the pitfalls of oversight in other cases that led to business collapses.

When asked about his favourite aspect of being a business owner, Bruce's response epitomized the essence of entrepreneurship: "No ties, and no board meetings." He elaborated on the liberating feeling of controlling his own destiny, building a career where bringing his dogs to work is a daily pleasure, and achieving an enviable work-life balance.

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