Turning Oil to Air : Seller Success Story

Apr 25, 2024
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Back in August 2023, Ramon, Partner at Chinook, helped Kevin Wilson bid farewell to his franchise business, Jiffy Lube. We recently caught up with Kevin to get a glimpse into his post-sale journey.

Kevin shared a revelation: the hustle and bustle of managing the business had kept him and his wife from truly immersing themselves in their surroundings. (Not an uncommon theme for some business owners, we know) "It took us five whole years to stumble upon the hidden gem that is Courtenay," Kevin mused, marvelling at the beauty of the community.

After exploring their hometown, Kevin and his wife embarked on a journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Alberta and the Rocky Mountains. Soon after, they found themselves soaking in the vibrant culture and stunning vistas of Thailand, a sensory feast for the soul.

The adventure continued through northern Thailand, followed by an exploration of the ancient temples nestled within Cambodia's Angkor Wat city of Siem Reap. Amidst the timeless grandeur of these historic sites, they celebrated Christmas and welcomed the New Year with zestful revelry in Pattaya, savouring each moment of their two-month post-sale adventure.

Once they returned in January, Kevin wasted no time in diving headfirst into a new entrepreneurial venture. Building upon the success of his previous business, he ventured into a fresh franchise investment, still in its nascent stages.

With shiny new Mercedes vans, state-of-the-art equipment, and a dedicated team servicing areas like the Comox Valley, Campbell River, North Island, and Powell River, Kevin's venture with Modern PURAIR® is off to an exciting start.

Modern PURAIR® is a full-service indoor air quality company. They offer furnace and air duct cleaning, indoor air quality testing, coil cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, air purification technology, and filter maintenance programs for homes and businesses including offices, retail locations, property management companies, restoration companies, schools, hospitals, and more.

Reflecting on his journey alongside Ramon, Kevin couldn't help but emphasize the invaluable support and guidance he received. "Ramon's patience, calm demeanour, and unwavering confidence were instrumental," Kevin remarked, acknowledging the impact of their collaboration.

As Kevin and his wife embrace this new chapter of their lives, their story stands as a testament to the boundless opportunities that await beyond the sale of a business. With each stride forward, they're not just shaping a business but sculpting a life filled with adventures, exploration, and infinite possibilities.